Baling press

Automatic balers

Automatic balers to pack your product compactly? With us you will find the most prominent presses, manufactured by specialist Essegi.

Whether you want to compress and package glass wool, hay, alfalfa, sawdust or any other product, our balers are suitable for all of this. And that for bales from 1 to 30 kg. After pressing your product, the bales are automatically packed in PE film.

In addition to the automatic baler, we also extend your installation with product silos, feed belts, screws, palletizing systems, … In short: every tool to supply your product and to pack it perfectly.

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1 Free intake

You are looking for an automatic baler. We are happy to sit with you without obligation, discuss what your needs and wishes are, and look for a solution that perfectly meets your needs.

2 Tailor-made proposal

Depending on your product and sensitivities, we present a tailor-made proposal. We work closely with specialized manufacturers, who work with us to deliver a finished and high-quality installation. Whether you want just one part or a complete installation, we take care of it.

3 On-site installation and testing

For each line or machine, we are responsible for installation on site. We will test your new machine extensively and we will explain it to you.

4 Monitoring and maintenance

Even when your installation has been put to good use, we remain at your disposal. We monitor your bagging installation for open mouth bags and carry out the necessary preventive maintenance ourselves. In this way, we guarantee an optimal lifespan and operation.