10 advantages of the TOSA 123E ring wrapper

Are you already familiar with the TOSA 123E ring wrapping machine? It’s one of the most recent ring wrappers launched by TOSA, a renowned manufacturer of wrapping machines. It is perfect for medium-sized productions and famous for its high flexibility. Here are 10 reasons why we are fans.

1. Flexibility

The TOSA 123E ring wrapper’s settings can be adjusted very flexibly, making it compatible with many other packaging machines. Pallets can be loaded and unloaded from all directions without any problems.

The film can be wrapped in a variety of ways, from top to bottom or vice versa or more firmly at critical points.

Thanks to its compact shape, this ring wrapper fits in almost any production hall.

2. Up to 50 pallets per hour.

With up to 50 wrapped pallets per hour, the TOSA 123E is the most suitable wrapper for medium-sized production runs. It is a more than a worthy replacement for many arm wrappers. It is a winner when it comes to both speed and flexibility.


3. High load security

This TOSA allows you to reinforce your pallet with an extra layer of film (or roping) at critical points. This enhances the load safety of your pallets.


4. Possible topsheet dispenser

Add a topsheet dispenser to make your packaging watertight and/or dustproof.


5.Perfect finish

The TOSA 123E wrapper wraps and seals the film from above without leaving a plastic tail. This perfect finish is an important bonus when working with automated pallet warehouses.


6. Multi-purpose

Because of its high flexibility, this TOSA ring wrapper is perfectly suited for use in a number of sectors ranging from food to building materials.


7. Low maintenance

Toothed belts instead of chains, good accessibility… Thanks to this, the TOSA 123E requires very little maintenance.


8. Optimization through software

Various software implementations ensure that the ring wrapper operates as efficiently as possible. The machine visualizes where the load could use extra firmness and wraps the film differently or in an extra layer where necessary.


9. Smart data gathering

The TOSA 123E is equipped with smart data gathering, which means that the machine perfectly visualizes and remembers how much film you use per pallet. This is useful if you want to optimize your packaging processes and create less waste.


10. Easy to operate

The wrapper has extremely simple touch screen operation using a Siemens TP700 screen. A clear menu makes operating the machine hassle-free.


Interested in wrapping your pallets with the TOSA 123E ring wrapper?

Is the TOSA 123E ring wrapper the ideal solution for you? Check out your options in our simulation tool and we will provide you with a tailor-made solution.

Please contact us if you would like to know more about this ring wrapper or other machines and we will gladly provide you with all the necessary information.


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