Packaging building materials

We pack, stack and wrap all possible building materials for you. Be assured of waterproof bags and packaging, which you can store outside without any problems. Our ingenious stacking system ensures that pallets are transported unharmed across uneven building sites. Switch easily between different packaging or products, and always get a qualitative result at the end of the day.

From semi to auto. From small to big. From A to Z

Whether you want a semi or fully automatic machine. Whether you are a large or a small business. Whether you just want to pack, stack or wrap your products or a combination of all three. Whether you want just one part or a complete installation. We guarantee a tailor-made approach to what you need.

Test our stacker

Our stacker truck is fast and accurate, also for your products. And we love to proof that. Discover for yourself how we optimize your stacking process.


We know your sector

You would like to know what we have to offer. Leave your e-mail address here and we will be happy to e-mail you our references in your sector and in your area.