Stretch hood machines

Stretch hood machines are ideal for wrapping pallets with stretch film. They start with a roll of stretch film and stretch it over the pallet according to the dimensions of the load.

These machines are available in different models, including the FB1000, FB3000 and the FB2000, FB 4.0 starstretch, depending on the required speed, pallet size, number of film rolls and any required maintenance at floor level.

They are suitable for a wide range of applications, with speeds ranging from 50 pallets per hour or less to very high productions of over 280 pallets per hour.

Stretch hood machines can handle different types of loads, from refrigerators, bricks and roof tiles to irregularly shaped products.

The cover forms a waterproof layer that can even be printed for marketing purposes, such as for increased brand awareness when storing building materials at a construction site.

The machines offer a variety of finishing options, including wrapping the whole pallet, strapping the pallet and leaving the top of the cover open, so they can be adapted to the specific needs of the load.

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Looking for a reliable and expert partner to optimise your packaging process? Find out what we can do for you.

Extensive experience

Having been active in the packaging machinery market for 50 years, we have plenty of experience in a variety of sectors and products, enabling us to offer the right solution.

Many references in Benelux

Over the past 50 years, we have installed many machines for customers in the Benelux and they are extremely satisfied with our work.

Trusted suppliers

We have close, long-term partnerships with our suppliers, with whom we have a strong bond and a close affinity.

A lot of in-house expertise

We have an extensive team of experts who take care of everything. We have you covered from quotation to installation and everything afterwards.

Wide range of solutions

Our excellent partnerships with suppliers allows us to offer complete turnkey solutions.

Family business

As a family-run business, we value short lines of communication and continuity to provide you with the best possible service.

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1 Needs analysis

Based on your product, the desired packaging, capacity and required machine features, we get a good picture of your ideal packaging line.

2 Tailor-made proposal

Which machines best suit your packaging needs? We look for the right machines that perfectly align with your needs, capacity, space and other requirements.

3 From technical drawing to project

Your needs, the right machines and technical feasibility are brought together in the technical drawings. After careful and precise measurement, our engineers start the effective development.

4 Testing

All packaging machines and lines are first fully set up and tested at our construction partners using your product and packaging, the right speed and pallet load. Just as if the machine was already installed at your premises.

5 Installation, start-up and training

We carefully and accurately install your machines within the specified deadline. We then make sure that the line is ready-to-go and that the relevant staff can safely and efficiently operate the machines.

6 Monitoring and maintenance

We remain at your disposal even after the start-up of your installation. We monitor your packaging machine and carry out any necessary preventive maintenance ourselves.

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