FFS bagging installation for potato flakes at Van Remoortel

Van Remoortel, whose best-known brand is Remo-frit, was looking for an FFS bagging installation for packaging potato flakes. We provided a tailored solution to achieve the desired speed, height, cleanability and other requirements of the company.


Potato flakes are a residual product created during the production of potato chips. The flakes are generally 1-5 mm in size. Van Remoortel was looking for a bagging installation that could pack these flakes into tubular film bags weighing between 10- 25 kg.


Bagging installation that forms, fills and closes.

We installed an M.T.B. IN-PL bagging machine that forms, fills and seals the bags. Some features of the machine in use at Van Remoortel:

  • Packing is carried out fully automatically.
  • The entire machine is made of stainless steel due to food safety and ATEX requirements.
  • The machine has rounded, polished corners inside to prevent residue remains.
  • The bagging installation has been deliberately made at a low height to make it easy to inspect and clean.
  • The flakes are packed at a slow pace, but the machine runs completely autonomously for hours and hours.
  • The product is weighed with a gross weigher in the bag itself.
  • The machine makes foil bags from a continuous tube roll. The foil can be printed.
  • Before the bags are sealed, they are well shaken and all the air is removed. This makes the bags easily stackable.
  • The bagging installation complies with the ATEX standard, which is a standard for machines that must be equipped against possible explosions involving products.

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