Alldra: an automatic bagging machine, robotic palletizer and wrapping machine

The challenge was a bagging machine, robot palletizer and wrapping machine that fully automatically packs, stacks and wraps hundreds of sugar toppings and icing sugar into hermetically sealed bags. We provided a customized solution adapted to the needs and compact space of sugar company Alldra.

Alldra, a company in Almelo, produces confectionery. Over the years it has specialized in toppings. Their customers are major industrial clients in the global food sector.


The situation for Ausloos

Alldra used to package their products in closed valve bags, using a more or less automatic packaging line. But they wanted to change bag types and closures, and renew their packaging equipment as well.

They set out a number of criteria that we had to meet:

  • Flexible switching between products
    Alldra has a very wide range of products, differing in texture, size, colour, composition… The line would be used for all those products. Bag sizes vary from 10 to 25 kg.
  • Compact surface
    The entire installation had to fit within the designated area.
  • Accessible
    All parts of the machines (from bagging machines to wrapping systems machines) had to be easily accessible for maintenance and cleaning.
  • Cleanability
    This was a crucial factor. It was essential that the different products did not mix with each other. No residue or small substances could remain in the machines.


A new set-up for the wrapping machine, palletizer and bagging machine

We provided two separate inlets to the bagging plant: one for granulates (the toppings) and a separate one with a screw feeder for the icing sugar.

The valve bags were replaced by paper sealed open-mouth bags that are filled in a Technipes Futura LS automatic bagging machine. In order to seal the bags 100% hermetically, the seal zone is first cleaned before a heat bar is used to rib close the wide seal.

The bags are automatically given a label that is printed in the machine.

After this, bags are neatly aligned and checked for the presence of metals. A robotic palletizer then stacks the bags on an industrial or euro pallet in four or five layers. A cardboard sheet lies underneath the bags and can also be inserted between the layers automatically.

The TOSA wrapping machine automatically provides a top sheet that wraps the pallet to ensure it is dustproof or watertight. The wrapped film is perfectly sealed so that the finished pallets fit easily into an automatic pallet warehouse.


A customized solution for everyone.

Not sure how to optimize your packaging process? Fill in our simulation tool to discover the best customized solution for your company.


Machines and wrappers used

– Technipes Futura with double dosage

– AlLcode print & apply unit

– Mesutronic metal detector

–Winner 250 Robot Palletizer with automatic pallet infeed and outfeed on roller conveyors

– TOSA 090+475 pallet wrapper with topsheet dispenser

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