Ausloos explains: automatic packaging or manual work?

How do you weigh up the pros and cons of whether to work manually or invest in fully or semi-automated packaging? There are a range of factors to consider. Ausloos explains.

What are the benefits of automatic packaging?



Packing and stacking goods can be stressful for your employees. Automation ensures that the system performs the heaviest tasks, sparing your employees. Simply automating certain actions can also have a positive effect on ergonomics for your workforce.


Repetitive operations

Machines are undoubtedly faster at and more suited to performing repetitive tasks than a manual worker. Automation therefore definitely saves time. Moreover, a properly functioning machine will always give you the same end result.

Cost and time efficient

This is related to the last point. Once automatic systems are correctly set up and adjusted to your processes, they will optimize your packaging process and make it faster. In the long run, this can save a great deal of time and money.


Manpower shortages

Is it difficult for you to find skilled labour? The technical sector is clearly feeling the impact of labour shortages. Automating some or all of your packaging processes will reduce your need for extra labour.

But is it worth the investment?

If you are thinking about automating your bagging plant and packaging line, you should take the following criteria into account to decide whether this is a worthwhile investment for you:

  • Volume
  • Utilization rate
  • Degree of automation



What is the volume of the product you need to pack? Do you often need to change products on the same packaging line? And are you likely to pack this product/these products for a long time to come? If so, automation is certainly an interesting option for you.


Utilization rate

Are you packing and stacking your product non-stop? The higher the utilization rate, the faster a fully or semi-automatic packaging line will pay for itself.


Degree of automation

Would you like to install a fully automatic packaging line immediately? This is possible, but there are also in-between solutions. Start, for example, by automating stacking as this is the toughest job. Or have you noticed that the packaging or labelling process is too slow? It is perfectly possible to automate individual components.

When you have an overview of these criteria, the increased productivity, the investment required and the costs saved (labour costs, more finished products), you will also have a better overview of the time it will take for your investment to pay off.

Is automatic packaging the right solution for you?

Are you looking for the most appropriate solution for optimizing your packaging process? Fill in our simulation to discover the best options for your situation.

We would like to help you with a clear view on the matter. Contact us for more information.

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