Automatic pallet wrapper wrapping 120 different pallets/hour at Pauwels Sauzen

Pauwels Sauzen has an extensive range of products, with just as many different packagings. They were looking for a fast automatic pallet wrapper to flawlessly wrap all their pallets, which are packed with a variety of different loads. We introduced them to the TOSA Savitar automatic pallet wrapper.

Pauwels is a Belgian company that produces mayonnaise and other sauces and packs them into the most diverse packaging, including bottles, boxes, buckets and cans. All these products are then stacked on pallets, ready for global export.


The need for a fast, flexible solution

Because of all the different product packaging, the stacked pallets at Pauwels are also very diverse. Despite this, they wanted to be able to wrap all their pallets with the same wrapping machine. This machine had to be both fast and extremely flexible.

We also had to keep the assembly of the machines to a minimum as the packaging line could only be shut down for a short time.


Ausloos’s answer: the TOSA Savitar automatic pallet wrapper

We introduced Pauwels to the TOSA Savitar pallet wrapper. This top-of-the-range wrapper reaches up to 65 revolutions per minute and can therefore wrap up to 120 different pallets per hour.

Pauwel’s TOSA Savitar can handle the following specifications:

  • Two different pallet sizes;
  • Suitable for an extremely diverse range of pallet loads, including trays, boxes, trays with foil and empty glasses;
  • Pallet heights up to 2200 mm;
  • 120 pallets per hour.
  • Flexible switching between sizes, heights and loads
  • Optimal wrapping: the right balance between the strongest possible wrapper and no excess film

We fitted Pauwels’ TOSA Savitar pallet wrapper with a double film roll (TOSA 801/1) so that the machine could continue to operate even if the film broke or the roll was empty. The TOSA 475 topsheet dispenser ensures that the pallets can be packed dust-free.

The machine was delivered in Pauwels’ signature red.

We assembled the wrapping machine between Christmas and New Year to minimise disruption on the shop floor. The automatic pallet wrapper was meticulously connected to the rest of the packaging line.


Do you want to wrap your pallets quickly and flexibly? Ausloos has the answer.

The TOSA Savitar is the most powerful wrapper in our range and never disappoints.

Does this automatic wrapping machine fit into your packaging flow? Contact us with your question and we will provide you with the best wrapping solutions for your business.

automatische palletwikkelaar
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