Bocedi FB 3000 stretch hood machine: more maintenance friendly than ever

The Bocedi FB 3000 is the latest stretch hood machine from Italian packaging line manufacturer Bocedi. This upgrade of the FB 1000 distinguishes itself from other stretch hooding machines by its advanced ease of operation and maintenance. It is an innovative, customized asset for any packaging line.


Benefit of the Bocedi FB 3000

Maintaining the upper part of a film station is not always a matter of course with stretch hood machines. It often means working at heights and installing an additional platform. With the Bocedi FB 3000, the entire film group as well as the sealing bars and cutting unit can be lowered for maintenance, film changes and inspections. This patented system is unique and extra safe. The system has been designed so that maintenance can be carried out on the ground floor quickly, efficiently and in complete safety at regular intervals.

The new Bocedi can pack up to 80 pallets per hour. It can also automatically adapt each hood to the load to be packed.


Flexible stretching and covering

The FB 3000 is a Cartesian machine that stretches films in different directions. The length and width of the packaging can be stretched independently of each other, so that it can adapt much more flexibly to the type of load.

Hoods can also be used for an extensive range of applications. Whether you want a complete hood up to the top or bottom of the pallet, various overlaps, a partial cover, the possibilities are endless. You can also use a hood cover perfectly without a pallet under your load.

A wide range of sizes and films

This new stretch hood machine is available in different sizes, ranging from small to XXL. You can pack small pallets of 600x600mm or appliances such as refrigerators, but also large pallets measuring up to 2600x1400mm.

The machine is compatible with different film types and thicknesses, from 20 to 200 microns. You can use both printed and unprinted hoods.


Discover the Bocedi FB 3000 now

Are you wondering whether Bocedi’s latest stretch hood machine is the optimization your packaging process needs? We will gladly provide you with all technical information.

Alternatively, fill in our simulation tool to discover the best options for your products.


Bocedi FB 3000
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