Case: automatic packaging of animal feed bags at Fransen Gerrits

Fransen Gerrits, a feed specialist in Veghel, the Netherlands, was looking for a more efficient way to pack and stack animal feeds in different formats and quantities. We provided a modern, fully automatic packaging line.

Fransen Gerrits is an enterprising family business in the south of the Netherlands, which specializes in a wide range of animal feeds with an extra focus on the pig sector. Their feeds range from fine microgranulates to pellets. Before we started working for them, they were still mainly packaging bags for animal feed by hand. But they wanted to work more efficiently and faster.


The challenges posed by animal feed bags

The main challenge at Fransen Gerrits was undoubtedly the limited space in the factory. It was important that all parts of the bagging and packaging line were easily accessible for both operation and maintenance. Next to the space provided for our line was a bulk loading facility to dump the feed directly into trucks. It was important that these set-ups did not interfere with each other.

The animal feed had to be packed in different bags and formats and filled and stacked accurately. The customer was already using valve bags and wanted to keep it that way.

The Ausloos approach

We installed a fully automatic packing line that starts with weighing the feed in a net weight bagging machine above the automatic bagging machine. The filled bags for animal feed are removed from the bagging machine, stacked on pallets and prepared on chain conveyors for transport to the warehouse. Before the bags land on the pallet, a label is printed and attached to the bottom of the bag.

The result is a fully automated line that neatly packs and stacks the bags on pallets, ready to be sent to the end customers.

After we installed the complete installation at Fransen Gerrits, we gave their employees thorough training on how to operate and maintain the machines. Of course, we are still available to give advice or to answer any additional questions.


Do you want to fill and palletize animal feed sacks correctly?

Are you looking for a partner to optimize your packaging lines so that you can efficiently prepare your bags for animal feed (or any other product)? We can help you with a proposal tailored to your needs, product and space. Please don’t hesitate to contact us for more information or for a non-binding meeting.

Machines used in this packaging line


  • Technipes NTE-25 net weight bagging machine
  • Technipes bagging system for valve bags, ITN model with Transfer R automatic ignition
  • Technipes big bag station
  • Europack Winner 400 robot palletizer with automatic pallet feeding + placement of a carton on the pallet supplemented with pallet transport
  • Altech print & apply labeller
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