Case: packing and palletizing grain at BD Grain

Two years ago, BD Grain, an organic arable farm, decided on a major expansion. It took the opportunity to optimize its processes and install a new packaging line. The goal was to pack and palletize the grains many times more efficiently. We came up with a customized solution.

BD Grain is a Dutch arable farm that grows organic grains such as buckwheat, barley and oats. They process the grains into ready-to-eat products (flour, flakes, etc.) and package them for wholesalers, millers and bakers both in the Netherlands and abroad.

The request

A year ago, the family business doubled its capacity and built a factory with a new cleaning and packaging line. They approached us for help with the latter. They wanted a flexible packaging line to automatically weigh, pack, metal check and palletize their various products.

The main challenge was that different types of materials had to be packed at different weights and sizes and the line had to be able to switch easily between products. And as they handle foodstuffs, it was also crucial to avoid contamination or mixing of the products.

If you are facing a similar challenge, we would be happy to help you with a customized solution.

Our proposal

We proposed a packaging line with a special tipping chassis above it. The grains to be packaged are placed in the chassis in order to prevent contamination before the product enters the installation. To ensure that absolutely no minute metal particles end up in the bags, we installed an additional metal detector on the installation. If the detector finds any metal, an alarm sounds and the contaminated bag is removed.

BD Grain used to do a lot of the packaging process manually. As they wanted to work more efficiently and quickly, we installed a fully automatic line. This line switches smoothly and fully automatically between the different raw materials and packaging sizes. Each product is packed in open mouth paper bags, ranging from 10 to 25 kg in size. Everything, from bagging to palletizing is now done without human intervention.

Meanwhile, our packaging line is running at full speed and to the full satisfaction of BD Grain. With fewer actions and additional safety systems, they achieved the result they were hoping for.

Would you also like to pack and palletize your products automatically?

Are you looking for a solution for packaging and palletizing your products automatically? We would be delighted to present you with a customized solution. You can also receive personal advice through our simulation tool!

If you would like any additional information, please contact us and we will answer all your questions.

Machines used in this packaging line

  • Automatic bagging system for open-mouth bags: Technipes Futura
  • Metal detector from Mesutronic
  • Fully automatic palletizer: Winner 500 Robot Palletizer
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