High-capacity bagging line for cattle and animal feed at AgruniekRijnvallei

An outdated bagging plant could no longer handle the capacity of animal feed producer AgruniekRijnvallei (AR). Their search for a company with the necessary experience in bagging lines for valve bags led them to Ausloos. Business Manager Jarco Van Veenendaal talks about the collaboration. 


Jarco van Veenendaal has been active in the animal feed sector for 28 years. At AR, he has held the position of Business Manager in Lienden since 2010 and in Wageningen since September 2021. Jarco: “AR is a feed manufacturer that produces and supplies feeds for a variety of animal species. We also have a vegetal branch that supplies fertilisers, plant protection products, cultivation supplies and seeds, among other things.” 


Time to be replaced 

“We called on Ausloos in 2015 when we needed a new bagging line to pack cattle and horse feed. Our old line no longer met our requirements and needed to be replaced. We absolutely wanted valve bags, and that’s how we ended up at Tom Ausloos’s address.” 


“We bought the entire line, except for the wrapper, from Ausloos. We had just bought the wrapper before contacting them, and it was still up to date. The Ausloos team integrated all the components perfectly.” 

Increased capacity without problems 

“Our old line ran during two shifts plus overtime in order to achieve the necessary capacity. Thanks to the new machines, we could achieve the same capacity in one day shift. Then, shortly after the new system was put into operation and we received a lot more bagging work, the new line could be run for even more hours and remain operational during two shifts without any problems.” 


“The collaboration with Ausloos was certainly a positive experience for us. They think along with your company, and they have a lot of knowledge in-house. Tom also took us to visit other customers beforehand, where we could see our future machines at work. Our contact was always pleasant and correct. The Ausloos team keeps their promises and does what needs to be done. That is why we have chosen to work with them again several times now for other new installations.”  

afzaklijn hoge capaciteit
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