How to pack pallets: stretch or hood? Ausloos explains

Once your pallet is stacked, what is the best way to package it: wrap or hood? Much depends on your product and what you expect from the packaging. We have made a comparison of the benefits.


Stretch hood machine


For fast lines

Stretch hood machines are perfectly suitable for both medium and very high production runs. Stretch hood machines are particularly interesting for very fast-moving packaging lines.


Perfect for outdoor storage

A pallet with a hood around it is perfectly evenly packed. This is a must when storing your pallets outside. When it rains, all the water runs off and cannot remain in folds.


Easy to print

Because a hood is more even than wrapped film, you can print it with your logo or advertising. This is often seen with building materials, for example.


Products are more visible

A hood consists of 1 layer that is ±equally thick everywhere. This makes it easier to see through, so that your product is clearly visible.


It is quicker to change than rolls of film

When working with a hood system you do not have to change the roll with hoods as quickly as you would have to if using a wrapping machine.


Also suitable for extremely large packs.

Large materials, such as insulation panels, can be packed more easily and more quickly with a hood system than with a wrapper.

Stretch wrapping


Greatest stability and transport security

Wrappers are often used for unstable loads. Wrapping is a good way to ensure stable pallets and a high degree of transport security.

In addition, different wrapping programmes make it possible to wrap your pallets according to your specific needs. You can add an extra layer or reinforcements at weaker points to provide extra stability.


Watertight and windproof

Wrapped pallets are watertight and dustproof. However, we would not recommend storing them outside for very long periods of time as algae can form between the folds of the film.


Saves money

It is often less expensive to wrap your pallets than to cover them with a hood, especially if you package at lower speeds.


Automatic roll change

A wrapper can automatically change film rolls. However, you do need more roller switches than you would if you were using a hood system.

If you are in any doubt about how to best package your pallets, Ausloos is here to help

Are you looking for the right way to get your products and pallets ready for transport? We have the necessary expertise and are happy to help you with high-quality stretch hooding machines from Bocedi or wrapping machines from TOSA.

Please contact us if you would like to know more or have any additional questions!

You can also request a proposal tailored to your current situation.

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