Lightning-fast packaging line specially adapted to horse muesli at ForFarmers

ForFarmers, a producer of various animal feeds, was looking for a new packaging line that could keep up with the production of their much sought-after horse muesli. This international company approached us about a line that would pack almost twice as many bags as the previous line and could be built with minimal assembly time.   


ForFarmers is a producer of complete feed solutions for (organic) livestock farming. In addition to their headquarters in Lochem, they have several factories in the Netherlands and Germany. And they are commercially active in the Netherlands, Germany, Belgium, Poland and the United Kingdom. 


High demand for horse muesli = pressure on production 

In their factory in Heijen, ForFarmers produces a variety of horse mueslis – an enormously successful product that requires high production rates. In order to meet the high market demand, the company wanted to greatly expand their production and packaging capabilities. 

However, horse muesli is not the easiest product to package. It is a lightweight muesli that contains straw and flakes, among other things. Before the muesli is deposited in bags, molasses, a sticky product, is sprayed on it.   

 A packaging line that packed 300 to 350 bags per hour had to be replaced by a fast and efficient line that could pack up to 600 15-kilogram bags per hour. The company came to us with this challenge.  

 Due to the significant production pressure, the production process could only be stopped for a very short time. We had a total of one week to dismantle the existing line (the machines will be resold), build the new line, and have it ready for the start-up.  

Customised packaging line that works almost twice as fast 

We installed a Technipes Futura HV, the ideal high-speed bagging machine for open-mouth bags. A Europack Winner 800 robot palletiser not only increases packaging speed but also improves stacking quality by applying new technologies. The stacked pallets are packed watertight, and 30-metre roller conveyors allow for much greater pallet accumulation. 

The robot palletiser removes rejected bags from the line and places them in a separate storage position. 

Both the individual bags and the finished pallets are labelled. 


Interested in improving or speeding up your packaging process? 

Are you looking for a way to increase or speed up your production? We would be happy to take a look at the role of your packaging processes in this.  

Complete our simulation tool here. We will use it to guide you to the right packaging solution for your product. 


Machines used in this installation 

– Technipes Futura HV 

– Europack Winner 800 robot palletizer with separate pallet magazine and pallet transport 

– TOSA 090 automatic pallet wrapper with a TOSA 455 top-sheet dispenser 

– 30-metre accumulation roller conveyors 

– Bag and pallet labeller 

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