Multi-purpose TOSA pallet wrapper packs any load for Petronas

The bottleneck at a factory of gas and oil company Petronas turned out to be an old wrapper. We installed a fully automated solution that included a TOSA pallet wrapper and that can handle any load and any type of pallet. 


Petronas is a Malaysian gas and oil company with operations all over the world. In their factory in Hemiksem, they needed a new wrapper for their pallets. The old wrapper packed pallets loaded with the most diverse cargos: barrels, crates and boxes filled with jerry cans and bottles of oil. But the wrapper was outdated and was the bottleneck for the entire plant. 

It was up to us to come up with a solution that met all their requirements: 

  • Various loads must be processed on one line. 
  • The pallets must be packed tightly and be dust-proof. 
  • The wrapper must be able to handle a high capacity. 
  • Four pallet sizes must be able to be processed interchangeably: Europallets, CP9 pallets, IBC pallets and 2000 mm X 2000 mm square pallets. 
  • The wrapper must be connected to Petronas’s camera system, since each pallet will have a track & trace label. With the old wrapper, the next pallet could only be wrapped after the previous pallet had been correctly labelled. 


The solution? a multi-purpose TOSA pallet wrapper 

We installed a TOSA 123 pallet wrapper with top-sheet dispenser 475. An automatic film changer ensures that the machine never comes to a halt. 

We integrated the existing camera system in such a way that the pallets are correctly labelled without slowing down the wrapping process. 

All the loads run smoothly along the same line, they are stacked on the correct pallet and then made dust-proof by our wrapper. The TOSA 123 wrapper packs 68 pallets per hour and effortlessly switches between pallets with a minimum height of 730 mm and a maximum height of 1400 mm. 


One solution for all your loads? 

We can work out a tailor-made solution specifically for you, taking into account your situation and the necessary requirements.  

Let us know which loads you want to wrap, and we will propose the right solution. Contact us now.  

TOSA palletwikkelaar
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