Case: packaging line for tobacco producer

A tobacco producer from the north of the Netherlands came to us with an open question: they were looking for a ready-made solution to pack their tobacco and to prepare it for transport to Asia. It was up to us to make a proposal, considering some specific requirements…

The question

The tobacco producer in question was looking for a way to pack his tobacco in ten-kilogram bags and stack those bags on pallets. Pallets that had to be wrapped and labelled afterwards, ready for transport.

Some requirements for our packaging line:

  • Fully automatic
  • No overpressure on the packaged tobacco
  • One partner for the total solution: from product weighing to pallet ready for shipment

Previously, they only packed in small packages at the factory and did not do bulk packaging. So, we started from scratch.

Our proposal

We proposed a fully automatic packaging line that seamlessly integrated all aspects of the packaging process. Weighing and packaging was done with a flat film machine. The filled bags are partially vented. In this way we compact the tobacco into a nice square bag, but without pressing the product too much.

In order to keep a stable pressure on the tobacco on the pallets, we decided, in consultation with the customer, to place the bags in a box in pairs, to label the box and then to stack the boxes on pallets. The pallets are then wrapped with a waterproof top sheet and provided with a label. The result is a neatly stacked pallet with optimally protected tobacco.

Model track

The process took about six months: from the first contact to a fully functioning packaging line. This includes an initial proposal, technical discussions, the elaboration of the planning and the budget, and the effective implementation.

Of course, we tested the packaging line ourselves thoroughly and then gave a few more info sessions to the employees of the factory, so that they could get on with their work.

A packaging line for your company?

Are you looking for a solution for packaging, palletizing and wrapping your products? We will be happy to help you with a tailor-made proposal. In the meantime, feel free to fill in our simulation and get an idea of the best solution for you.

If you have any questions or need more information, do not hesitate to contact us.

Machines used in this packaging line:

Bag filling equipment: Essegi F1200
Machine to form and close boxes: Cartomac D1
Checkweigher: Mesutronic
Box labeler: Altech
Robot palletizer: Europack Winner 600
Pallet wrapper: Tosa 095/455
Pallet labeler: Altech

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