Palletizer stacks animal feeds more ergonomically, better, and faster at Damme

A fully automated palletizer can significantly optimise packaging processes, for both large and small production facilities. The Damme company, specialising in animal feed, made the switch from manual to automated stacking and is experiencing the benefits in terms of ergonomics, quality, and speed.


The question: fully automated upgrade

The company came to us because they wanted to automate their stacking process. Three factors contributed to this choice:

  • Working time: with an automated palletizer, they can stack faster than when doing it manually.
  • Ergonomics: workers no longer need to lift the heavy, 25 kg bags.
  • Repetition: a palletizer delivers the same quality consistently and is always available.

The machine had to fit into the limited space available and had to stack on a pallet directly on the floor.


The Ausloos approach: Winner 250 palletizer from Europack

We presented the fully automated Europack Winner 250 palletizer. This machine is very compact and guarantees a high stacking quality.

The filled bags are brought in on a conveyor belt from another room, through an opening in the wall. The Winner 250 picks up the bags from the roller conveyor and stacks them accurately and securely on the pallets. A forklift truck can then easily place the filled pallets in the warehouse.

This Europack palletizer is the ideal solution for those looking for a simple and cost-effective stacking solution. Damme can easily further automate the packaging line at a later date, if they wish.


The right palletizer and packaging lines for your business?

Are you looking for a cost-effective machine to take on (part of) your packaging activities? We brainstorm with you and suggest machines tailored to your production, environment, and desired speed.

Fill in our simulation tool to discover which packaging solution best suits your situation. Click here for the simulation tool.

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