Project: bag palletization at Ad van der Vorst using the Winner 800 Scara

Logistics company Ad van der Vorst was looking for a fast and flexible solution to palletize their filled bags, preferably fully automatic. We came up with a customized proposal.


Ad van der Vorst is a logistics company that packages industrial granulate, powder and animal feed products and leases storage space to third parties. The company is based in Stampersgat, the Netherlands, strategically located between the major ports of Rotterdam and Antwerp.


Ad van der Vorst’s situation

At Ad van der Vorst, several different packaging lines operate several different packaging lines.  One of these lines fills flat film PE bags with potato flakes using an Essegi flat film machine that was also supplied by Ausloos. Another line fills valve bags with starch. The logistics company wanted one automatic palletizer for these two lines that could switch smoothly between them.

An extra challenge was that both lines use different bag sizes. The bags can have different weights and often require different stacking patterns due to their size and content.  Of course, the bags had to be stacked perfectly on the pallet.


Our solution

We installed a fully automatic Winner 800 Scara robotic palletizer that stacks both products at 2 separate pallet locations. As the palletizer has two separate programmes that run simultaneously, one for each line, it is perfectly adjustable. The robot recognizes the degree of filling and the height of the bag and automatically adjusts its stacking programme accordingly.

A major advantage of this palletizer is that it’s easy to operate using a large Siemens 12″ screen. Both lines can be adjusted completely independently. Setting and changing bag size and the stacking pattern, is quick and easy.

The Winner 800 Scara can process up to 800 bags per hour. If you need more capacity, the Europack IRB robot can accurately stack up to 1200 bags per hour.


Do you want to palletize bags as efficiently as possible?

Are you looking for a solution to your packaging problem? Contact us for more information, we are here to help.

You can also see our palletizer at work. Let us know which product you want to stack and we will test it for you. Test our palletizer here.


Machines used

– Essegi F1400 FFS machine for flat film

– Europack Winner Scara 800 robotic palletizer

zakken palletiseren
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