Protein powder packaging machine: fully automatic line for NIVE

NIVE (Nederlandse Industrie Van Eiproducts), located in Nunspeet, the Netherlands is part of Interovo Egg Group. The company specializes in the production of egg powders and has customers (both food multinationals and smaller companies) all over the world.


NIVE’s situation

NIVE first packed all their protein powder in bins which were then packed per hopper in a semi-automatic bagging machine. Not only was this process not very efficient, it also required too much extra work. NIVE therefore wanted a fully automatic packaging line in which the bagging unit would be placed directly below production. This would allow them to eliminate the bins from the process.

NIVE also asked us to optimize and automate their entire packaging line.


The challenges of packaging protein powder

Protein powder is a fairly light powder that must be packaged in a hygienic environment. Therefore, it was important to have machines that were easy to access and clean in order to avoid dust accumulation.

Protein powder is often used in clean rooms, or sterile areas. This means that it must be packaged in plastic open-mouth bags consisting of 2 layers. Before the bags enter the clean room, their outer layer is removed. The bags are also sterilized at NIVE before being sent to the customer.


The Ausloos approach

We redesigned the entire packaging area, so that the product could be stacked close to the warehouse and the sterilization room.

When it arrives at the packaging line, the protein powder is first sieved and weighed. It is then packed in sealed bags, labelled, detected for metal and then stacked.

We thought carefully about what should be inside the hygienic area of the line and what should be outside, in order to optimize the accessibility and cleanability of the machines.

The packaging line does not operate at high speeds – as this was not necessary for NIVE – but it does operate 24/24, 7/7.


Do you need a new powder packaging machine? Check out Ausloos

If you are looking for a new powder packaging machine or even a complete packaging line we would be happy to help you with a customized solution! Contact us for more information or a no-obligation quotation.

Machines used in this installation

Technipes Futura automatic bagging system for open-mouth bags

Altech print & apply system

Europack bag transport

Europack Winner 300 Robot Palletizer with pallet transport and roll conveyors


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