Steinweg’s fully automated packing line that packs blasting sand quickly and accurately

Logistics company Steinweg was looking for a fully automatic packing line to pack blasting sand for their customers. Not only did this line have to be faster and more accurate than the old line, it also had to fit into a compact space. We provided a tailor-made solution that meets their every requirement. And that means that Steinweg can fulfil their orders much more quickly. 


Steinweg is a logistics company with branches in Belgium, the Netherlands and Germany. They package a variety of materials for third parties. For their Dutch site in Moerdijk, they were looking for a fully automated packing line for sandblasting sand. They had a semi-automatic line before but wanted a fully automatic alternative that would pack faster and more accurately. The new line had to pack at least 650 bags per hour. 

 The planned location for the entire line was compact. The bagging machines had to be built into an existing structure consisting of several mobile containers. In other words, we installed the baggers in these containers and custom-built our machines to fit the specific dimensions. 


Blasting sand packaging line that eliminates manual handling. 

From start to finish, the packaging line for the blasting sand performs every necessary action fully automatically. Two Technipes Tecno FF bagging machines pack the blasting sand in 25-kg paper valve bags. These empty bags are introduced into the line fully automatically.  

The bags are removed on a conveyor belt and are automatically and efficiently stacked on pallets by a high-speed Winner 800 robot. Even the supply of empty pallets is fully automatic. It is also possible to place a cardboard sheet on the empty pallet and between the layers. 

A TOSA 090-455 automatic pallet wrapper ensures that the fully stacked pallet is wrapped tightly, and it can also place an additional top sheet on the pallet. This way, the pallets are completely watertight and ready to go to the end customer. 

Successful automation results in more orders 

Since Steinweg started using the new packaging line, they have been able to pack product much faster and accept more orders. Because of this success, they are already thinking about further optimising and expanding their packaging processes in the future.  

Curious about how to increase your production capacity with simple improvements or updates to your packaging process? We would be happy to put our heads together with you. Complete our free simulation tool to discover the best packaging solutions for your product and/or situation. 


Click here to go to the simulation tool.  

Machines used in this installation: 

  • 2 Technipes Tecno FF weighers/bagging installations with Transfer R insertion solution  
  • Winner 800 Scara robot palletizer from Europack 
  • TOSA 090-455 automatic pallet wrapper with top-sheet dispenser 
  • Bag transport, pallet roller conveyors and empty pallet magazine 
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