Powder packing: M.T.B. ITN-PL bagging installation for tubular film with bottom-up filling system

M.T.B.’s ITN-PL bagging installation is one of the newest bagging installations on the market with a bottom-up filling system. This machine, which packs into tubular film, is perfect for companies that want to pack powders in tubular film without releasing dust and who want to run at a relatively high capacity.

These are the main features of the M.T.B. ITN-PL bagging installation:


Bottom up filling

The ITN-PL bagging installation uses a bottom-up filling system. This means the bag-shaped tubular film is pulled up and an auger fills the bag from the bottom to top.


Low-dust packaging of powders

This filling method ensures products with a high dust content, such as powders, can be packed in a dust-free manner. This means a more hygienic environment and less product loss.



Even before the product ends up in the tubular foil bag, a product stirrer can compact the product as it approaches the dosing auger. The product is then slightly compressed before it is introduced to the bag via vertical auger dosing.


Perfect for packing powders

Many powders that would otherwise be difficult to pack in PE bags can be neatly packed with this machine.

The machine is particularly suitable for powders in the food sector, but building materials can also be packed.

The machine is also equipped with a probe that sucks the air out of the bag before sealing. A kind of labyrinth vent ensures any residual air can escape from the bag afterwards.


3-5 bags per minute

Depending on the powders you wish to pack, the machine can achieve a speed of about three to five 25 kg packed bags per minute.


Tubular film: cheaper bags

The price per bag using tubular film is often lower than open-mouth bags or valve bags.


Variable bag length + automatic switching

The length of the bag can be set using the M.T.B. ITN-PL. You can set the machine to automatically switch to another pocket size.


Easy to clean

This powder packaging machine is very accessible and therefore easy to clean. The floor underneath is fully accessible so you can easily get under the machine.


Would you like to introduce an M.T.B. ITN-PL bagging installation into your packaging process?

This powder packaging machine is an interesting investment for those looking for a hygienic, fast and flexible way to pack powders in PE bags.

Could your packaging process be improved? And how? Do the test here.

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