Case: packaging machine masterbatches at Qolortech

Packaging masterbatches in a diverse range of colours requires extremely accurate packaging lines and machines. Qolortech therefore asked us to help them install an innovative packaging flow to pack, stack and wrap all their products meticulously and to rigorous standards.

Qolortech, based in Vaassen, the Netherlands, develops, produces, packages and distributes colour and additive masterbatches to customers throughout Europe.

The company was founded over 40 years ago and has continued to grow ever since. We supported their growth in the past by installing an automatic bagging system. They approached us once more for their latest renovation, the construction of a packaging hall and new warehouse.


The challenges of masterbatches

Qolortech works with masterbatches in a wide range of colours. All these different colours must be packaged without leaving any residue: not a single product may remain in the machine.

Working with so many colours requires an extremely flexible packaging machine that could switch smoothly between the various production lines. Moreover, Qolortech used to work with many small bagging stations, which they now wanted to centralize and automate. It was our task, together with the contractor, to create a smooth and automatic flow.

The Ausloos approach

We installed 2 packaging lines that continue to 1 central pallet wrapper and removal to the central warehouse.

In each line, the masterbatches are fed from different lines from intermediate storage to the packaging installation, where they are collected at a central point. The input of raw materials is fully automatic.

After this, the masterbatches are packed in big bags or bags made of tubular film. Two FFS machines automatically pack the granules, the bags are printed and 2 robot palletizers meticulously stack the bags on pallets. These bags are then automatically wrapped by the central wrapper so that they are watertight. The finished pallets are transported to the central warehouse on roller conveyors.


A packaging machine for masterbatches or other granulates: a customized solution.

Are you looking for a packaging line tailored to your specific processes and products? We can look at your situation together with you to develop a solution tailored to your requirements. Contact us for more information, we are here to help.

Our simulation tool will give you insight into the best solution for your company. Try it now!


Machines used in this installation

  • 2x MTB FFS for tubular film
  • 2x thermal transfer printer
  • 2x Winner 400 robot palletizer
  • FSB big bag station
  • Europack pallet transport
  • TOSA automatic pallet wrapper 095+455
  • TOSA pallet lift
verpakkingsmachine masterbatches
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