Bag filling machine and robot palletiser for animal feed

A new bag filling machine for packing animal additives in powder form, and a Winner robot palletiser to stack the bags accurately. We developed a tailor-made packaging line for a Dutch company and ensured higher ergonomic comfort and better stacking quality.


We’re talking about a company that produces supplementary feed based on oregano. They are the first company in the world to do this, and they have a wide range including different powders. The company is based in the Netherlands, but operates all over the world.

After having worked for a long time with a semi-automatic bagging installation and a less accurate robot palletiser, they wanted to renew and optimise their packaging process. The purpose of this was twofold:

  • They wanted to ease the operator’s work (ergonomically) and take over the heaviest tasks
  • They wanted to improve the bags stacking process

The installation would be used for several products, and was required to be able to switch quickly between two product flows.


Ausloos’ setup: fully automatic bag filling machine and palletiser

We built a fully automatic Futura bagging installation for open-mouth bags, with two separate double screw dosages to feed the different products. As a result, the different products have only one part in common in the entire machine. This part is easy to reach and clean.

In order to achieve the best compaction of the powders in the bag as possible, the powder is vibrated in the bag. The filled bags are then sealed and sewn.

Any part that comes into contact with the products to be packed, as well as the complete bagging installation frame, is made of stainless steel.

A Winner 250 robotic palletiser completes the line and accurately stacks the bags on pallets.

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