Case: from weighing to pallet packing at Broekman Logistics

Broekman Logistics approached us for help with a new, fully automated packaging line for their branch in Antwerp harbour. We created a turnkey solution that involved packing the desired product from the storage silos in pallets and getting it ready for transport.

The request

Broekman Logistics is a logistics company with diverse clients, including the chemical group BASF. They wanted to install a completely new packaging line for handling a chemical product, ammonium sulphate. Basically, what Broekman Logistics required was a straightforward line covering the entire handling process, resulting in neatly packed, watertight pallets.

Our proposal

We proposed a packaging line starting with transport of the product from the storage silos. The product then passes through sieving installation and a product sample is taken, which checks the product quality routinely. After this, the product is effectively weighed and packaged into bags. The bags are then packed on a pallet, which is wrapped afterwards.

The end result is that the line packs 800 bags into PE bags made of tubular film per hour. The entire handling process is fully automatic and efficient, and thanks to the waterproof top sheet over the pallets, the product is ready to be shipped anywhere in the world after handling.

More than just pallet packing

Are you looking for an all-in solution for your product packaging? From weighing to packing the pallet and preparing it for transport? We are here to develop a solution that is tailored to your product, space and requirements. Contact us for more information.

If you would like to see what we have to offer first, let us know and we will gladly provide you with an overview of our achievements in your area.

Machines used in this packaging line

Bagging machine: MTB FFS, tubular film model ITN

Robot palletizer: Europack IRB

Automatic stretch film wrapper with integrated top sheet: TOSA 090/455

Screening machine and transport screws: Poeth

Extraction system: Poeth

pallet verpakken
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