Client testimonial: Marc Smets talks about Herba Ingredients

We do not only work directly for our end customers; engineering firms also regularly call upon our packaging expertise to help with their projects. We were talking to Marc Smets from Smets Projects & Services (SPS bvba), who was looking for the right packaging solution for Herba Ingredients. He told us about his experiences.


Marc Smets: “My engineering firm is mainly active in the food sector, where I have built up the necessary expertise, mainly in companies that process rice, rice starch, rice protein, pulses, barley and malt. I help them to make investments in their production and, if necessary, I ask other experts in the field for assistance.”


Collaborating with Ausloos

“This is how I first came into contact with Ausloos, even though I had known about the company for some time. Ausloos has a wide range of packaging machines and can therefore offer a solution for every specific product or problem.”

“That is one of Ausloos’s major strengths, along with the fact that they are able to take care of the entire packaging process, from product infeed to filling, transporting, stacking, wrapping and disposing of the finished pallets. They can also help with the calibration process.”

“I like working with them because they have their own engineering department. Not only do they supply machines, but they also develop everything related to mechanics and controls. SPS bvba’s contribution to the packaging hatch entails that I first draw up a plan based on my client’s requirements. This must include the specifications of the products to be packaged, the desired packaging, the P&ID and the available space. Ausloos then gets to work and develops a proposal.”

New packaging installation and big bag filling station at Herba Ingredients

“When Herba Ingredients, a rice and pulses production company, built a new plant for the production of pea-based proteins, they enlisted the help of SPS bvba. I then called upon Ausloos’s expertise for all of the packaging-related issues.”

“Ausloos worked out a customised proposal and eventually installed a big bag filling station, a fully automated bagging line for valve bags with dedusting, a Winner robot palletiser, an extraction system and pallet transport. An automatic wrapping machine has also been scheduled, but will only be installed at a later stage. However, this shows that Ausloos thinks along with you about the future or possibilities for expansion.”

“A challenge posed by this project was to integrate the packaging line into the central control system. The packaging machines are equipped with their own control systems and software, and can be regarded as stand-alone units. But the customer wanted to integrate them into the hall’s central control system. I was able to work this out together with the Ausloos team. Malfunctions, maintenance reports and other issues are now reported on a central platform. Everything was delivered completely according to the customer’s wishes.”

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