Semi-automatic packaging of animal feeds at AgriV

Automatic packaging comes in different shapes and sizes. That is why we always work to measure. This was also the case with feed producer AgriV, which wanted to upgrade its manual packaging line to a faster, more efficient and ergonomic packaging method. A semi-automatic line turned out to be the right solution.  

AgriV recently built a new factory in Raesfeld, Germany, for the production of animal feed such as cereals, pellets and structural feed. An example of the latter is horse feed, consisting of hay and pellets.

The company uses a mixing plant where the feed is packed in 20 or 25 kg sacks and big bags.


From manual to semi-automatic packing

Up until that point, AgriV’s packaging process had been completely manual, but the company now wanted to automate part of the process. They did not want to convert their entire packaging line to a fully automated version; a semi-automatic line was enough to produce a significant increase in the speed, efficiency and ergonomics of their packaging process.


The Ausloos approach

The animal feed comes out of the mixing plant on a conveyor belt. From there, it is sent either to the bagging plant or to the big bag filling station.


Via the bagging machine

In the new set-up, an employee hangs empty bags in the machine and guides the filled bags to the closing line, where a printed label is attached to the bag.

A Winner robot palletiser takes over the heaviest work and stacks the filled bags directly on the pallet wrapper, which wraps the stacked pallets ready for transport.


Via the big bag station

The mixed product is poured from the belt into the big bag station in one go. The big bags (500 kg) are then on a pallet ready for the next stage and as such are easy to transport.


The result

In the past, AgriV could fill and pack up to 50 bags per hour. But thanks to the innovations to their line, they are now able to pack up to 200 bags per hour.

The employee operating the line can leave the heavier tasks to the machine.

Anticipated growth

If AgriV wants to further automate their packaging process in the future, that is perfectly possible. We can automate both the bagging and the wrapping further without any need for a completely new line.

The installed robotic palletiser also has a second input to stack a second line, should the company wish to increase production. AgriV’s old manual bagging system is also linked to the robot and can put into operation if necessary.


Automatic packaging tailored to your situation

You do not need to have a large budget in order to optimise your packaging process. We will examine your product, budget and space to come up with the best semi-automatic or fully-automatic solution.

Our simulation tool will give you insight into the best solution for your company. Click here to go to the tool.

semi-automatisch verpakken
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