Automatic packaging of frozen vegetables for Champi’Mer

Automatically packaging frozen vegetables often presents challenges, such as food safety and stacking the packages without damaging the contents. We overcame these challenges for Champi’Mer with a fully automatic packaging line for frozen mushroom pieces.

Champi’Mer is a company from the Dutch town of Kesteren that specializes in frozen mushrooms for the food industry.

In 2018, one of their new factory halls was totally destroyed by a fire. During the reconstruction – which had to be done as quickly as possible – the company decided to use the opportunity to install a new fully automatic line for frozen mushroom pieces.  Since the company wanted to get back to full speed operation at the earliest opportunity, we had to work as fast as possible.


Champi’Mer’s situation

Champi’Mer wanted a line that would pack the mushroom pieces per 10 to 12 kg, place the filled bags in boxes, stack the closed boxes on pallets and wrap the pallets, ready for transport to the customer.

The line had to comply fully with food safety requirements and be easy to clean.


Our solution

We installed a complete turnkey line to handle the packaging process from A to Z.


As speed was important we opted for a double bagging system, together with a fast box forming machine. This double system can handle 1,200 boxes per hour, whereby 1 box contains 1 bag of mushroom pieces. The box protects the bags’ contents.

The bags are pushed into the box and then the boxes are closed and labelled. The boxes then pass through a checkweigher and metal detector (with emissions) before being stacked on pallets.

The entire packaging line was made mainly of stainless steel – the most suitable material in terms of food safety. Stainless steel can also withstand water and detergents, which makes the line easy to clean.


If you also package frozen vegetables, check out our fully automated solutions

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