Bagging machine as a start of a long-lasting cooperation with Royal Koopmans – Customer testimonial

The Royal Koopmans company has been around for 175 years. The family business is engaged in grinding wheat, rye, and corn for bakeries and industrial uses, as well as in the production of powders such as breadcrumbs and tempura. Since the 1990s, they have worked with several Ausloos bagging machines. A successful cooperation to this day, about which production manager Pieter Douma is happy to tell you more.


According to Pieter, “In 1993, we at Royal Koopmans acquired another company. Our plan then was to move the operations of that company to our own location, and start a completely new production line there. During this period, I went to various trade fairs to look for suppliers who could support us in this. That’s how I found Ausloos.”


“Ausloos developed with us”

“I then sat down with Tom and others to work out a first packaging machine. It’s important for us that machines are easy to clean and can be changed quickly, something that Ausloos took into account from the start. We visited the manufacturer in Italy together, after which, the machine was assembled at our premises. That was in 1997.”

“Since then, we have relied on Ausloos for new machines and equipment on many occasions. The nice thing about Ausloos is that they grow with you. You can start there with a small bagging machine and gradually grow and automate, depending on the growth of your own business. For example, we ourselves will soon be further automating our stacking process.”


The creative thinker

“What is typical of Ausloos for me is that they really enter into a conversation with you. They brainstorm with you based on your requirements, as well as your limitations. Does the machine have to go very fast? They’ll see what’s possible. Is the installation height limited? Then they will look for a solution. They are a creative thinker that provides flexible customisation.”

“And in addition, they also keep their promises. Ausloos has never negatively surprised me. Also in terms of after-service and maintenance. They are always on the lookout for the best solution and can switch quickly.”

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