Client testimonial: from bagging machine to robotic palletiser at Euroquartz

A bagging machine and other packaging machines in a mineral processing plant? Operations like this form a challenging environment for most machines. Eddy Depraetere, commercial director at Euroquartz, explains how our machines have  meeting this challenge since 2009.

Euroquartz handles minerals, adhesives and more. They dry, calibrate, condition and mix raw materials. Their products are used in a wide range of applications, ranging from water filtration and construction to sports field facilities. The company is located in Hermalle-Sous-Argenteau, near Liège.


From bagging machine to fully automatic line

Eddy Depraetere: “When our current CEO, Godfrey Jacobs, took over Euroquartz in 2006, he purchased a site on the banks of the Albert Canal. Plans were made for a new factory that would be fully customised to our activities. We moved into our new premises in 2010. It was during this period that we came into contact with Ausloos.”

“Ausloos was recommended to us by one of our customers, and we met them at a trade fair. When the new factory started up, they installed an automatic bagging machine. We deliberately chose a fully automatic machine because we have many different bag sizes.”

“Those first experiences with Ausloos were so positive that we approached them again in 2017 for a major production expansion. Until 2017, the distance between our bagging machine and the automatic wrapping machine had to be bridged using forklifts. But we have now installed fully automatic robot palletisers in-between, and roller conveyors so that everything is connected. This means that we no longer need to use forklifts.”

Strong in diversity, flexibility and communication

“Naturally, we carefully considered our options before deciding to work with Ausloos. A barrage of tests were conducted beforehand on our wide range of end products. We compared several machine builders to determine which ones could cope with the enormous diversity that our company requires. Ausloos came out of this comparative study very well.”

“I can now say that we are extremely satisfied with our cooperation with Ausloos.

One of their strongest points is how they communicate. They are easy to reach and always at the ready to help you. We operate in a tough sector, where machines are more vulnerable to wear-and-tear. But if there is a problem, Ausloos is on site very quickly. They really have their after-service under control.”

“I have also noticed that the Managing Director Tom Ausloos has a strong team behind him. They are well-trained, well-organised and they communicate clearly. I can heartily recommend them to other companies.”

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