Client testimonial: packaging machines at Energy Pellets

We have been supplying flexible and reliable packaging machines to our customers in the Benelux since 1977. This has resulted in many successful collaborations, of which we are extremely proud. Therefore we are happy to let our customers tell you about their experiences with us. Here’s Alex Labee of Labee Group to tell you more about how we helped his company.

Labee Group is located in Moerdijk, the Netherlands. It produces and trades in a range of environmentally friendly products made from wood, wood shavings and sawdust in Europe. Labee Group includes companies such as Bio Catlitter, Wood Chips and Energy Pellets. We were called upon to assist the latter company.

Getting to know Ausloos

“I first met Ausloos at a trade fair,” said Alex Labee, accompanied by Remco Wiegeraat from Energy Pellets. “We were looking for a bagging machine to pack wood pellets. It clicked between us right away and we soon started working with Tom and his team. I didn’t think it was necessary to explore other options as I knew that Ausloos was the right choice straight away. And after all these years, I can confirm that I was right.”

“When we first started using Ausloos, we were still quite small. We bought just one packaging machine – now we have four Ausloos packaging machines here. If we had not been satisfied, we would not have bought a new one. So this is proof that our cooperation really is successful.”

Newer and faster

“Our first bagging line has been operating for about six years and is still working well. The packaging machine packs our wood pellets flexibly into 10 or 15 kg bags. It has no problem whatsoever with switching between sizes.”

“Of course, we have noticed advances in the market. For example, our first line used to pack 7 pallets per hour. Thanks to our more modern robot palletizer, this speed has increased to 21 pallets per hour. It is our fastest machine.”

A swift response

“One of Ausloos’ most important assets is undoubtedly their effective communication and smooth way of cooperating. Communication is essential in the manufacturing sector. If there is a breakdown, Ausloos responds very quickly, so that any damage remains limited. They can always be reached if there’s a problem. It’s fair to say that we have absolute trust in Ausloos, as we have just ordered another new machine from them.”

If you would like to build a successful cooperation just like Labee Group, contact us for more information.

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