Wrapping sacks and big bags at Tiense Suiker

Tiense Suiker, the well-known sugar refinery and market leader in Belgium, was looking for a solution for wrapping and packaging bagged goods and big bags on pallets for their new industrial products department. The prepared pallets had to comply with the EUMOS 40509 European Directive for packaging and pallet stability. Eric Borgers, Support Engineer Conversion and project leader at Tiense Suiker, explains how Ausloos helped bring this project to a successful conclusion.

“Everyone primarily knows Tiense Suiker for its hard sugar cubes,” says Eric Borgers. “It is our best-known end product. Tiense Suikerraffinaderij’s factories process sugar beet into finished sugar every day for various sectors, ranging from retail to industry.”

“We recently launched a new department for our industrial products at our plant in Tienen. FFS bags of 10, 20 and 25 kg and big bags are filled and then palletized here. To ensure that these pallets could be transported without any problems, we still needed the right ‘packaging’ that could guarantee that our pallets were wrapped stably and in compliance with the EUMOS 40509 European Directive.”

“Together with Guy Costers, load securing expert at ECS Expert, we explored the market, looking for the installation that was best suited to our needs. We preferred a wrapper to a stretch hooder and decided that the TOSA wrapper was the best solution. We could equip this wrapper with the necessary gadgets and items to make our load stable.”

Wrapping big bags: 100% commitment


“As an official partner of TOSA, it is logical that we approached Ausloos. Moreover, colleagues from the Sudzücker Group, the larger concern to which Tiense Suiker belongs, had had positive experiences with Ausloos. We also clicked right away. Ausloos wanted to go for EUMOS 40509 certification together with us and guided us in all the choices that had to be made. Other competitors had reacted sceptically to our request, but Ausloos was committed from the start. That was an enormous difference.”

“Ausloos guided us throughout the entire process and made sure that our TOSA wrapper does exactly what it is supposed to do. The wrapper is equipped with an automatic film changeover, integrated top film dispenser, an integrated rope system, full flexibility in the 1st and 2nd rack for film application and an option for watertight wrapping. Because they suggested a ring wrapper, our pallets have no loose film sticking out and look clean and tidy.”

“The cooperation was a success: the 85 different products and stacking patterns processed in the installation have all received EUMOS 40509 certification. Obtaining those certificates was a unique achievement. We are the first company within the Sudzücker Group to comply with these quality standards.”

Service-oriented and transparent from the outset

“What do I appreciate most about Ausloos? Their transparency and service. Even after the installation, they spared no time or effort to show our employees how to operate and maintain the system. As a result, we can now operate it completely autonomously and easily create new programmes ourselves.”

“If we encountered a problem, the people from Ausloos immediately adapted the system and solved the problem. And all that without any hidden extra costs. The amount in the contract is the actual amount we paid at the end. It confirms that Ausloos is a good and honest partner. We would definitely be willing to work with them again in the future.”

big bags
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